This is the story of the battle between the populists and the progressives across the world

But while we are busy fighting each other the clock is ticking

Is the power of vested interests, populist movements and our own psychology, too strong a force to be reckoned with to overcome our divisions to solve the one issue that will affect us all?

The systems operating our globalised world are hugely complex and for many people they are not working.

Added to that, with the looming threat of the climate crisis, those systems need to change with a speed incompatible with the vested interests of communities and nations.

As we invent narratives in an attempt to make sense of the world, conspiracy theories and identity politics are thriving and driving a wedge between us.

Is this the story of a species that has gone into self-destruct mode?

As Roe v Wade is dismantled in front of our eyes,

the son of a corrupt dictator wins a landslide victory in the Philippines,

Orban is voted in for a fourth term in Hungary,

and France’s Far Right show us they are one step closer to the Elysee Palace.

We are witnessing the dismantling of progressive democratic values at lighting speed.

Entrenched polarisation is rendering constructive dialogue defunct.

Meanwhile the oil and gas industry are unable to resist the lure of massive payouts despite climate scientists stating that the delay to cutting fossil fuels could mean we miss our last chance to secure a liveable future for all.

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