This documentary is being made by the team behind the award-winning documentary I Am Gen Z in collaboration with filmmakers across the world.

This is the story of the battle between the populists and the progressives that is happening across the world. But while we are busy fighting each other the clock is ticking.

Is the power of vested interests, populist movements and our own psychology, too strong a force to be reckoned with to overcome our divisions to solve the one issue that will affect us all?

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In recent months, Roe v Wade has been dismantled in front of our eyes, the son of a former dictator in The Philippines has won a landslide victory, self styled “illiberal democract” Orban has been voted in for a fourth term in Hungary and Italy has voted in a Far Right government. In India, the far right Hindutva ideology has been gaining ground and acceptability with serious human rights implications. Meanwhile the migrant situation on the Polish border is bringing into sharp view who it is we are willing to tolerate and protect. Misogyny, hate speech and disinformation powered by social media is running amok, much like the wildfires ravaging our planet. We are witnessing the dismantling of progressive liberal values at lightening speed. Entrenched polarisation between nations, and between citizens within nations, is rendering constructive dialogue defunct. Meanwhile the oil and gas industry are unable to resist the lure of colossal payouts in the years to come despite climate scientists stating that the delay to cutting fossil fuels could mean we miss our last chance to secure a livable and sustainable future. This story is a present tense narrative with huge ramifications for all of our futures.