This documentary is being made by the team behind the award-winning documentary I Am Gen Z in collaboration with filmmakers across the world.

This is the story of the battle between the populists and the progressives. But while we are busy fighting each other the clock is ticking.

The battle lines have been drawn between the populist authoritarians and the progressives. Illiberal ideologies are gaining traction globally with serious implications for human rights and civil liberties. As the climate crisis evolves, how will it shape that battle?
Are we on a path towards a very different future where society, and the systems that govern it, will fundamentally change?

Told through a global cast of characters each fighting for their beliefs, these personal battles are framed by an intense game of power politics that is pitting us against each other. One side considers themselves freedom fighters under siege by progressive liberals who must defend against a creeping socialism. The other side feels attacked by a right wing conservatism and is battling to protect democracy, human rights and the mechanisms through which to speak truth to power. Both sides attest that they are fighting for their freedom, but freedom for whom and from what? This clash of ideologies is not only impeding our ability to respond to the climate crisis as a collective challenge, but as the climate crisis worsens, it itself could fuel this division further with grave consequences.

A short taster clip of The Deadline

In October 2022 the filmmakers were able to spend time with the activists of the Polish/Belarus border who, every day, go out into the forest to give humanitarian aid to the migrants hiding there. Much of the footage you see in the clip above is taken from that time and we are grateful to the groups for welcoming us and for their trust. Their dedication is extraodinary and they are tireless in their work. To find out more about them, follow the Fundacja Bezkres and Grupa Granica pages.